Featured Projects

GeoSTEM Innovations‘ design portfolio contains projects that vary greatly in breadth and complexity. Some examples of recent environmental STEM projects include:

1. Course for Building Real-Time Atmospheric Data Modules & Weather Satellite Receiving Station

This hands-on course was designed to teach students about integrated circuits, sensors, and micro-controllers (Arduino technology) as applied to atmospheric science. During the program, students successfully built fully-functional autonomous data recording atmospheric instruments, as well as assembling and operating a ground receiving station capable of collecting images for the Pacific region directly from space-orbiting satellites.



2. Course for Building a UAV Quadcopter & Aerial Photography

This program incorporated some of the latest robotics technology in order to introduce students to STEM, aerial photography, micro-controllers, and GPS navigation. The project enabled students to scratch-build an autonomous UAV guided with GPS using Arduino technology in order to collect high-resolution aerial photography based on pre-selected navigational waypoints.



3. Course for Building Ocean Monitoring Instrument Packages

This course introduced students to applied STEM, with particular focus on electronics and near-shore oceanographic processes. During this program, students had the opportunity of scratch-building Arduino-based autonomous ocean monitoring instrument packages that were deployed in Kaneohe Bay (Oahu, Hawaii) during its data collection phase.



For more information on customized project design, please contact GeoSTEM Innovations.