GeoSTEM Services

GeoSTEM Innovations LLC is a vibrant company that specializes in creating and implementing advanced computing tools and programs applied to the Earth Sciences (Oceanography, Atmospheric Science, and Geology) to foster the Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) education of future generations, as well as providing clients with solutions that include custom scientific data collection instrument design, and data analysis & visualization services.

1. Innovative STEM Education Programs

GeoSTEM Innovations designs and customizes each of its educational programs according to the unique needs from each client in order to develop an outdoor-driven, locally-relevant experiential STEM initiative that leverages on cutting-edge electronics & micro-controller (Arduino) technology. In this way, participants are able to learn valuable real-world technical and scientific knowledge in order to design complex digital scientific instruments capable of collecting environmental data (i.e.: oceanic, atmospheric and terrestrial information).

2. Custom Instrument Design

As part of its applied research efforts, GeoSTEM Innovations specializes in the design and building of custom autonomous scientific data collecting instruments capable of supporting a variety of applications and data types. All digital instruments are designed according to the client specifications, and are built for optimal field performance and durability.

 3. Data Analysis, Visualization and Reporting Solutions

GeoSTEM Innovations can provide clients with fully customized data analysis, visualization and reporting solutions engineered specifically to satisfy specific project needs. Advanced computer/scientific programming knowledge and tools are used in order to develop and deliver each or our products.


Building on over a decade of professional experiences within the fields of geology, oceanography, computer science, and education, GeoSTEM Innovations provides clients with expertise that is directly relevant to each project at hand. In addition, the numerous national and international experiences and collaborations contribute to readily recognize and understand their needs and objectives, allowing for the design of more effective client-driven projects.